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About Us

Since its founding in 2017, Bosslady Productions (BLP) has become the home to many of Chicago’s notable and sought-after local talent. BLP is an artists-based company that has established itself in the heart of the city's most disadvantaged areas to be a voice and hand of the community addressing disparities while creating pathways of success for under-represented artists.

Our company prides itself on artist development and assisting artists to establish professional presentations.

We understand that the lack of exposure and resources create limited possibilities for artists exploring major platforms. Thus, we strive to boost careers by offering artistic entertainment and production opportunities, management, mentoring, and resources to build rewarding careers.


We’ve spent years growing relationships with the community to continue making connections with those passionate about the arts. BLP has recently gained national exposure with the development of Open Mic TV (OMTV), an on-demand video network, to showcase artists and live events from all over the country.  Bosslady Productions is the CONNECT to arts and entertainment.

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Real Love


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